Cardinale was the Pisces Saint in XVIII Century.


Cardinalle arrives at the Pope Temple, when Shijima tries saves Athena of the pope. Cardinale perceives the real intentions of the pope (he is a Hades servant), but, neither the pope, nor Shijima, has known Cardinale is a traitor too, and decides help Hades and the pope at that time. He fears the death, so, must serve Hades (the death god) to don't die.

After Shijima escape of the Pope's temple (he survived the bloody rose of Cardinale), Cardinale follows Shijima in the God Maze, where not even the gods can escape. But, Cardinale follows Shijima with Ariadne's Thread, to don't get lost.

Shijima holds Suikyo in Virgo Temple, avoiding to fight with Cardinale, and after receiving the Suikyo's message, tells to Cardinale about the Ophiucus Gold Saint. Cardinal thinks he cut Athena's and Shijima's heads and brings two stones to the Pope's temple. The pope orders Cardinale gets back to the Maze with the real Athena head, but, Athena (now a child and don't a baby, like before) reflect the Cardinale's dagger roses back to him, injuring him.

After, he becomes an Athena servant and is bitten by various venomous snakes to allow Athena and Shijima go to the Aquarius House.