Pisces Aphrodite, was one of the saints of Athena of the 20th century. As well as the goddess who gave her name, this saint is said to have a human carrier of incredible beauty. In the anime, it behaves as narcissistic, venerating her beauty above all, even his goddess Athena. This is because both the anime, as the manga, Aphrodite never cared Athena, with the theory that a strong person, should have the right to have the weakest, and the Pope was the strongest, so he sent him and I could change the world. Aphrodite would only serve Athena if she were stronger.

Aphrodite was sent on a mission to kill the sensei of Andromeda Shun, disregarding the fact that sensei be "good", since for him, there is no good and evil; thus Aphordite only served the master as if it were something normal, with no judge wrong. Shun just avenging the death of his sensei, defeating Pisces, which later would be revived by Abel and defeat Andromeda, but his brother, Ikki, would save him.

Aphrodite decides to serve Athena, being revived by Hades to help Shion to make Athena's Cloth back to its original form.

Legend of Sanctuary

In this movie, Aphrodite technically was a villain (although was loyal to Athena [that he thought the pope served]), because was a servant of the pope, and should fight with Seiya if he tried to cross the Pisces Temple.