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The Pirats are pirate rats in Reader Rabbit Math Adventures Ages 6–9. They are "enemies" of Reader Rabbit and friends. There are a few of them. In Reader Rabbit Math Adventures Ages 6–9 there is a little cave thing in the upper right part of the map with a flag (if any pirats are there yet) and when there is a flag, it means a pirat is there. The flags change colors when a new pirat is there. If you go there, each pirat has a song they sing if you click on them. And after the sails are drawn, Sam the Lion & Connor McBrayer M.D. reveal the Pirats and they scurry away for good!!

They reappear in Br'er Rabbit's Adventures on Pirat Island

Flag Colours are

  • Red: Captain Ratbeard
  • Orange: Riley
  • Green: Pearl
  • White: Cheester
  • Yellow: Vermina

Reader Rabbit Math Adventures Ages 6–9

When Reader and Sam find themselves beached on a deserted island, the Pirats catch on to their presence and Ratbeard is quick to assume that they showed up to steal their precious cheese. He becomes determined to stop them even though they don't actually meet face-to-face throughout their time on the island. Ratbeard gets the idea to launch a massive water balloon at the d

uo when they try to flee the island on their new ship, in the hopes of sinking them. Even after it is pointed out that Reader and Sam never stole their cheese, Ratbeard goes forth with his plan anyway. When Sa
Reader Rabbit Math 6-9- All Pirats' Songs06:00

Reader Rabbit Math 6-9- All Pirats' Songs

m and Reader, along with Penelope flee the island, the Pirats launch the water balloon from their ship via catapult. Unfortunately, the weight of the balloon sinks their ship, and causes a tidal wave that sends Reader Rabbit and his friends all the way back home. The Pirats are forced to swim back to shore, with Ratbeard, furious at his defeat, swearing revenge on Reader and his friends. However, the gang never ran into the Pirats again.

Br'er Rabbit's Adventures on Pirat Island

As Br'er Rabbit moves from his home, he hears about some island paradise. He sails to an island with beaches, fruits and animal friends. He starts his new life on an island, feeling welcomed and enjoying the tropical paradise. However, not life on this island is easy. The Pirats noticed Br'er Rabbit living on their island. They are hatching plans to get rid of him by any means necessary. They tried everything so far, which they were in vain. Br'er Rabbit always get lucky, get away or trick the Pirats.

In First Encounter, the Pirats are enjoying loot and cheesy food, suddenly, they noticed a boat with Br'er Rabbit and his belongings. He builds a house and starts a new life on their island. They were furious and angry, they don't like some stranger living on their homeland! Ratbeard hatches some plans to get rid of Br'er Rabbit!! Later, Br'er Rabbit learns about their presence, thanks to the other animals on the island. He now knows their names too.

In Trouble Occurs, the Pirats manage to catch Br'er Rabbit by making a rope tied to a palm tree and his foot gets caught. However, as Cheester comes across Br'er Rabbit, while carrying some cargo, Br'er Rabbit tricks Cheester, saying the rope bounce is great fun. Cheester agrees and bounces on the rope with "his foot" instead. As the crew arrives, they saw Cheester in the trap, cuts him down and argues about having fun. As Ratbeard tells Cheester that Br'er Rabbit has tricked him, the Pirats lunge at Br'er Rabbit, but then he slips out of the struggle, leaving the Pirats still fighting.

In Some Charm, the Pirats are thinking of a new idea to catch Br'er Rabbit, Vermina thought of one, if she can charm him, he'll fell for it. As Vermina sits on a rock, while the crew hides, Br'er Rabbit comes across Vermina, who pretends to be a lost girl and can't find a way home, Br'er Rabbit tried to help, but fells in a vine trap, Vermina whistles and the crew appears in action. They caught him again, but each crew wanted to do something to get rid of him, Br'er Rabbit then begs them to not throw him in the Briar Patch, but they did throw down there to finally get rid of him. As they put their hand on their hearts, respecting him gone (Ratbeard's hat on his heart), he was playing dead, calling the pirats "stupid" and tells them he was born and bred in the briar patch and hops away. The crew got tricked, again. Ratbeard faints, Cheester carries him and the pirats walked away, humiliated.

In few adventures, the Pirats didn't do much, as they relaxed and try to not listen to or see Br'er Rabbit at present.

In Something Funny, the pirats hatches a new plan to catch Br'er Rabbit, they set a trap with a digged sand and a small-sized box. Br'er Rabbit avoided the sand hole, but caught in the box trap. The pirats finally caught Br'er Rabbit. Later, they took him to their hideout, build a fire, had lunch and ready to put Br'er Rabbit in the fire! But Br'er Rabbit started to laugh, confusing the pirats, he tells that there is a laughin' place he visits, Ratbeard knows its another trick, but the crew wanted to see the laughin' place. On the way, the crew is happy and excited, Ratbeard is furious though. He had enough and tells the crew its all a trick and lie, Br'er Rabbit points to a laughin' place, Cheester rushes in, only find nothing, but a huge tropical beehive! The pirats except Cheester & Vermina, starts laughing, Cheester bashes the hive in Riley's head, the pirats are getting honey on them, attracting more bees, Br'er Rabbits laughs, Vermina said that it was supposed to be a laughin' place, and she's not laughing. She gets honey all over her upper body, and chased by bees, then the whole pirat crew are chased by a swarm of bees. The pirats are chased away while Br'er Rabbit laughs happily.

Crew Members

Captain Ratbeard (voiced by Charles Martinet)


is the leader of the Pirats and the nastiest member of the group. He wears a hat, boots, a coat, and a belt with a sword attached to it. Due to his name, he has a red beard with a mustache. He has been found by Sam the Lion in the beach version of the sail-drawing activity and is the first Pirat to be part of the time activity. The song he sings is "Captain Ratbeard's Song." He always call Br'er Rabbit "Big Ears".

Pearl (voiced by Susan Parks) is a fat female Pirat who wears a fuchsia dress and a short yellow curly wig. She wants to be rough and tough in her way. She has been found by Sam the Lion in the cavern version of the sail-drawing activity and is the third Pirat to be part of the time activity. The song she sings is "Rough And Tough As Me."

Vermina (voiced by Brett Abramson (1997-2001) and Erin Roush (2001-present))


is a thin female Pirat who wears a light blue shirt with a rope-like belt, dark blue pants and a long brown straight wig. She is the kindest Pirat who has a beautiful voice. She has been found by Sam the Lion in the beach and jungle versions of the sail-drawing activity and Connor McBrayer M.D. in Wordville Soup and is the first Pirat to sit by the fire in the cave. The song she sings is "This Is A Life For Me". In this song, she dreams of having a wonderful life for herself. (P.S. she is the ONLY nice one) She loves to eat French Beards.

Cheester (voiced by Roger L. Jackson)


is a fat male Pirat who wears a shirt with sky blue and white stripes on, dark blue pants and a hunk of cheese on his head. His desire may be counting a lot of treasures he sees. He has been found by Sam the Lion in the jungle version of the sail-drawing activity and is the second Pirat to be part of the time activity. The song he sings is "Cheester's Song". He loves eating Macaroni fruits and good laughs.

Riley (voiced by Derek Sorrentino)


is a thin male Pirat who wears a shirt with light orange and white stripes on and dark orange pants. He has a cockney accent. He has been found by Sam the Lion in the cavern version of the sail-drawing activity. The song he sings is "Riley's Song". He loves to eat Blue Cheese Bricks.

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