The Pirates waiting for Alexander to board their ship.

The Pirates are minor antagonists from the adventure video game, King's Quest III: To Heir is Human. They are a bad bunch that keep prisoners on their ship in the cargo area, and, if the prisoner leaves the cargo area, they feed him (because most pirates do not allow girls and women on their ship) to the sharks in the sea.

The Pirates are first seen at the tavern drinking rum. Alexander gives the captain his gold for passage on their ship. The captain agrees and ask Alexander to come to their ship that is near the dock. When Alexander boards the ship, however, the pirates take all his items and leave him in the cargo hold.

The player can get their items back by going into the captain's cabin and opening the chest by his bed to get his possessions back (be careful that the captain is not in there, otherwise he will drop you back in the cargo hold, and if this happens a third time, the Pirates will drop you in the sea and feed you to the shark).

To escape the ship, Alexander needs to wait until one of the Pirates says land- ho. After that, the player must drop the magic sleeping powder on the floor of the cargo hold and type "Slumber Henceforth". The Pirates will be asleep and not harm you. Then Alexander can jump off the ship and escape them.

Like most of the minor antagonists, the Pirates cannot be defeated or killed, instead the player must put them to sleep to escape their ship (don't forget to take the shovel from the ship, otherwise you will not find the treasure in the game).