Pirahnica character


Piranhica is Jocktopus Ludwig Vandenbush's girlfriend and assistant. She is a green fish with blonde hair made into two ponytails.


Piranhica is a deceiving and manipulative bully, like Jocktopus. Unlike Jocktopus, she is smart and intelligent, so she knows what money is. She is intimidating and unapproachable, so she loves provoking others. She hates nerds like Albert and Jumbo and doesn't like people who are annoying.

Personal life

Piranhica first spoke when Jocktopus's birthday came. She told the nervous line of students that Jocktopus can smell fear. When Sunny gave Jocktopus money, Piranhica took the money and told Jocktopus it was totally worthless. At the end when Jocktopus started beating himself up, Piranhica came and told him he embarrasses her and gave him a dreamy look. But Jocktopus told her to stay out of this "Happy Birthfish, Jocktopus". She was on the girls team of the Homecoming Float contest. Once Oscar was about to sabotage the girl's float, Piranhica spotted him. She and Shellsea were aside of their float's purse, where Piranhica got a big make up mirror to defend their float from the lasers. Then Piranhica and Jocktopus were seen kissing later in the episode, "Fish Floaters]]". She was shown taunting Oscar with Randy Pincherson on Oscar's morning announcements. She is shown to be saying "awwww" along with everyone else, except Randy, when Albert was cuddling the bunny in the "Bunny of the Day" segment ("Good Morning, Freshwater".

She is shown to be working at Carla's Secret, although she is later shown quitting, causing Oscar and Milo to work there ("Employee Discount"). When Jocktopus was about to go near Bea at the "Potatoes for Winter" play, Piranhica, who's in the audience, yelled to Jocktopus to stay away from Bea. Piranhica encouraged Jocktopus to wreck the stage later on in the play "Fish School Musical".


  • Piranhica's name is divided between "Piranha" and "Veronica".
  • Piranhica is rarely seen without her pink purse.

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