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The Piranhas are minor antagonists in Ice Age: The Meltdown and Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs. They are small, bloodthirsty, and meat-eating fish who are first introduced when they attack Scrat and chase him. When one of them grabs his arm, Scrat loses it, slits his eyes, and grabs another fish to use it as a weapon against the other fishes in a karate style.


A number of piranha resided in the ice lakes of the waterpark, where they were pursued by flocks of Baptornis and scattered by other animals. The piranha, however, found potential prey in the form of Scrat, a saber-tooth squirrel that had fallen in the lake. The piranhas bared their teeth and chased Scrat out of the water onto an ice floe, one leaping out of the water and biting him on the paw; this paw was holding his prized acorn. Angry that something had attempted to take his acorn, Scrat seized another piranha and used it to hit at others, fighting and kicking the fish away, stunning them all. As one attempted to edge back to the water, Scrat stomped on its side, forcing it to release an acorn that it held.

Some time later, a school of piranha met a baby Tyrannosaurus and bared their teeth at it. The young tyrannosaur bared his own teeth and frightened the fish off.


As fish, Piranhas group together in schools (in which they seek out larger animals to eat) which they attack with their large mouths filled with sharp teeth. Swimming through waters with their short fins, piranhas will also seek out plant matter.



  • The piranhas in this movie could possibly be Megapiranha, a real life prehistoric piranha which was later used as the main antagonist of a horror movie remake.
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