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Pipismon is a minor villain in the movie Digimon Tamers; Battle of Adventurers.


Pipismon is an Armor Level Digimon that resembles a combination of a bat and a rabbit, with scythes on it's hand, feet, tail, and one of each wing.

Digimon Tamers; Battle of Adventurers

Pipismon was one of the Digimon that invaded with Mephistomon. The others were Baromon, Ponchomon and Sepikmon. When Growlmon and Seasarmon tried to save Minami, Pipismon and the others fought them. Pipismon along with Ponchomon, and Sepikmon were defeated by Growlmon's Pyro Blaster attack.


  • Crazy Sonic Blaster
  • Sky Jacker


  • Pipismon's previous Digimon form is Patamon.

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