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Pipe Banki
Savage Water Barbaric Machine Beast sent by Kegalesia. He is sent to pollute a dam, but is defeated by the Go-ongers. He then returns later to pollute the river in giant form, attacking the Go-ongers when he learned they didn't have their Engine Casts. They tried using their Highway Buster on him but it was no use. The three got their casts back and challenged Pipe Banki with EngineOh. He breaks a bridge where there is ongoing traffic, so EngineOh bridged the gape and the cars went over the robot. Unfortunately Pipe Banki didn't make it easy and knocked EngineOh off and caused one car to almost tetter off. Go-On Black and Go-On Green luckily saved the occupents of the car and Engine-Oh was able to destroy Pipe Banki, causing bubbles to emerge. Kegalesia was rather livid over his defeat.


  • Height: 220 cm to 55 m
  • Weight: 247 kg to 617.5 t

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