His first appearance is in Batman: Dark Victory #1, where Batman was involved in a mob war between Carmine Falcone and Salvatore Maroni and the release of villains such as Joker, Cat Woman, and Mr. Freeze. A criminal known as Holiday was targeting people such Chief Clancy O'Hara and Stan Merkel. Pino Maroni was suspected of being the Holiday Killer since the victims were former police officers who associated with the Falcone Crime Family such as Arnold Flass, Branden, and Gillian B. Loeb. However, Holiday turned to be Sofia who was seeking to improve Harvey Dent's career as a district attorney by murdering those were corrupt and not corrupt. Pino and his brother Umberto were both in their own restaurant where Two-Face met them. Pino, Umberto, and Two-Face were working together to face anyone who opposed them, however Two-Face killed the two of them to clean up loose ties by firing two shots at each them in the chest.