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Pinky Fisher is a boy of elementary school age who is the main character of a short story Young  'Dr.' Pinky in No Bones About It. This deliberately incomplete story is in National Lampoon magazine, issue #55 (October 1974), Boys' Real Life article with Brian McConnachie credited as fiction editor. The writing style resembles that of Doug Kenney, who is credited as research assistant.

As the title suggests, Pinky likes to play doctor. His current 'patient,' Mary, rebuffs him one day—Mary's 5-year-old sister Cathy observed their previous meet. But Pinky persuades Mary to meet him.

Mary brings Cathy, who refuses to undress for Pinky. He strikes down Cathy, then coerces Mary to a partnership in crime.

Pinky's violent act, done without anger, other passion, or remorse, is evidence of his psychopathic nature. 

"You're in this as deep as I am. Do what I tell you."

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