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Pinkie Pie is a protagonist villain in the YouTube videos dubbed "Mentally Advanced Series", which takes a darkly comedic twist on My Little Pony by transforming many of the cast into deranged alter-egoes completely at odds with the main show.

Pinkie Pie is especially warped in this series and is a full-on psychopath, though is treated as part of the group due to the crapsack nature of the world in which they inhabit.

Pinkie Pie in this version of the show borrows heavily on aspects found in Pinkamena (such as incorporating cupcakes in her crimes) but is a very different psychotic, openly insane and happily indulging her own twisted fantasies due to the fact almost every other pony in the show is flawed or deranged in some manner.

The few characters who do point out Pinkie's obvious evils are usually outcast by the other ponies (even though they also know fine well Pinkie is insane)  - as happened to Gilda (who Pinkie went to great lengths to antagonize in this version of Equestria).

Main Series

Rainbow Dash Presents

Pinkie Pie appears in "Rainbow Dash Presents", a spin-off series in which the Mentally Advanced Series characters re-enact infamous fan-fictions - often in a comedic tone, she is often as psychotic as in the main show regardless of the fan-fics.


  • This is only one of a very large number of villainous takes on Pinkie Pie, a phenomena that started with the Pinkamena craze and grew to spawn Smile HD and other crazed takes on the character (who is actually a benevolent trickster, rather than a psychotic, in the My Little Pony show)

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