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Pinkie mov by velglorth-d554l4c

She looks..... Off.

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This Pinkie Pie is another of a six part series of parodies that basturdised MLP:FIM with Ren and Stimpy-Like Animation, South Parkish humor, and just all around offenceing and surreal. This Pinkie is no different. The only relation to the canon pinkie that she likes parties, but to the point of unhealthy addiction, along with sex, drugs, alcohol l, and trying to gain sympathy through trying to claim fatherly abuse when it was just an attention gaining excuse. In the early episodes, (Particularly SHED.MOV), and the uncanon bronycon shorts, Pinkie is seen as a henchwoman to a much more abuseive, and guy sounding Rainbow Dash, seeing she aids her in harming Fluttershy, agrees to her like an idiot henchwoman, and simply hangs out with her alot. PARTY.MOV shows a more disgusting look at her addictions, and it may be hinted she's not mentally well. Unlike most of the cast, she's not really completely evil aside from being a henchwoman to Rainbow Dash. If anything, she's more of a sad addict. Though the fact she par-takes in hurting Fluttershy and causing her to become even worse qualifies as a villain, and that when under the influence, she's prone to insult anyone close and sometimes, randomly say something out of context.


She only makes a small role and cameo in the episode, and not much else. She only appears to hopelessly try to stop a challenged Jappleack into an apple eating contest she thought was challenged to do so, and did nothing else afterwards even when Jappleack was in trouble.


In the video, Spike, Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie went to find Fluttershy, and decide to start with looking in her shed, despite clear warnings not to in the past by her. When they enter, they discover that the room is decorated by de-skined and gored animals, though Spike is more concerned by the porn in the box. Pinkie Pie criticised it as weird art, with Rainbow Dash retorting because Fluttershy was "Some quiet bitch who spends all her time in the woods with small woodland creatures", with Pinkie agreeing stupidly and calling Fluttershy a freak. To Spike's horror, he discovers that Derpy has been killed and made into a toaster cozy. Fluttershy came in, got their attention with a scary-like version of "Hey, hey, hey" (a running joke based on Fat Albert), the group turns to Fluttershy, who is making a creepy face, then begins to turn monsterious, pulling out a chainsaw, while shouting "What did I tell y'all about coming in my SHED?!", to the unamusedment and nonchalent responds of Spike, stating that "[they're] fucked". Fluttershy then somehow briefly got fingers (most likely for comedic effect), snapped them, and ordered the corpse decorations to sing, which started to play their ribcages like Xylophones, then Fluttershy sings the song that parodies the Fat Albert intro theme, (due to having a voice similiar to the said character as a parody of episode 9 of the real MLP:FiM where Zecora cursed Fluttershy to have a deep voice), with Pinkie Pie and Spike deserting Rainbow Dash to be captured by Fluttershy while she is still singing, Fluttershy advises Rainbow Dash to sit back, and relax, while, in a demonic voice, she eats her brains! Fluttershy begins to kill Rainbow Dash as the psychotic Fat Albert Parodied song begins to climaxes with the dead creatures (and the Derpy decorative toaster cozy) repeating "NA, NA, NA, GONNA EAT YOUR BRAINS". By the time the song ends, the police showed up, (presumed informed by Pinkie Pie and Spike) bursted in, demanding to be informed what is going on! Fluttershy, now making the face of her real show form, became nervous and tried to say it isn't what it looks like, but the deceased Rainbow Dash and all the dead critter decorations, the Derpy toaster included, were overwhelming, and Fluttershy was arrested, and sentencd to a psychiatric hospital, having been muzzled and straight-jacketed.

Bronycon Shorts.

She appears with Spike and Rainbow Dash (the shorts are considered uncanon) as supposingly just something made for bronycon.

The first was just Spike trying to send off a welcome, but is constently interupted by Rainbow, Pinkie, and eventally the Rainbow Dash Robot.

Another featured Fluttershy SHED.MOV.

Fluttershy returns in videos made for brony con trying to welcome the bronies, but Spike and Pinkie came in and acted very disrepectful, annoying Fluttershy (and also complaining about B.O., the Bronie's lifesytile, and the fact some bronies tend to be attracted to the fictional characters of MLP:FIM, thus ridiculing them), forcing Fluttershy to scare them off with her somehow having a chiansaw appearing out of nowhere (this parody is not famous for having logic) and finding it humorious that those two became scared.





This is Pinkie's far, bigger role.

This MOV takes a different approuch as to the others, it also parodies the sytile used by documenteries, as we get a narrator explains about the appearntly "Tragic" tale of Pinkie.

The title of the documentary shows off canon episode clips, as it is called "True Equestian Story", as it shows of Pinkie Pie, now in a purple short shirt and small skimpy black dress, being cheered on by a basturdised Lyra and Bon Bon to drink. Then, proceeds to puke on them.

She then falls flat on her face, as popperazi proceeded to take appear of her vulerable position, only to be met to be shot by blood (assumingly, from her "Pretty Pink Princess"), and followed by created images of her becoming more and more, disgusting, and getting involed with a series of issues.

Spiek began to explain that she went from Purple Dragon (who he corrected not him, cause he's a purple dragon), which is heron, who he briefly gets annoyed by the possability of people getting the wrong idea, suggests it's a metathor, and to look up the internet. He ends it saying drugs are dangerious, but like a freaking hypocrite, proceeds with his own drug abuse.

We then cut to Pinkie sitting on the chair, twiching as a result of experimenting with cocaine, followed by random things as after a parodied Octavia and a random pony as forth, then randomly rants about internet piracy, to the confusion of the ponies she ranted too, mainly Octavia.

After a disturbing video of Pinkie "doing it" with an unidentifived partner (the yep is a dead ringer who he is), then she is met with tabliods exposing this.

Spike reveiled she would "fuck" anyone irreguardless of gender, size, wight, even spieces, (even claims he saw her done it with a snail.)

There was even a harrassment through phone by Pinkie, by the annoyed Spike.

Then Twilight appeared into the episode trying to cure Pinkie, (not out of kindness, but to stop an impending doomsday the series briefly forgot about aside from a quick camio) through an intevention with her friends. However, was but Lyra, Bon-Bon, Spike, The Derpy toaster gag, and Paco (who kinda became a recuring theme in the series) as Twilight asked where are the other main 6, with Spike stating that Applejack is in a coma (ignoring the blog spin-off), Rarity is held hostage by mexicans (proving she is alive), Fluttershy is at the mental aslyum, and Rainbow Dash is dead (until the final episode), with Spike ending it with a strude remark. Thus followed Pinkie puking on him, to his clear disgust and annoyence, stating he should've stayed in bed, followed by the audience laughed again.

Twilight pleads to Pinkie to stop her addiction, but Pinkie responded negitively, and said something that confused Twilight. Then states Twilight has a hosre face, (which ended up as a random image joke), then Pinkie states they ain't her firneds, then proceeds to drink again, with no one attempting to stop her, and Spike only ends up becoming impress with her abuse to the vodka to the point of cheering for her, thus followed with her passing out. then quirts blood at the disgusted again Spike. Twilight only stated this could've gone better.

After a series of pointless reviews and more documentry nonsense, and about her lies about her father being abusive, and an appearnet arrest, it appears that the Narrator was apart of this, and judging by the ending, it was so he can get sex.


(Coming soon. I have a life, so i'll be abit distracted)


  • It is possible that pinkie pie's downward spiral was due to her best friend (and possible lover) rainbow dash was killed by fluttershy so she started drinking and getting high.