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Mariela, better known as Pink Sneakers is the secondary antagonist in the first season of the TV series Power and a minor antagonist in the second season.

She is portrayed by Leslie Lopez.


Not much is known about Pink Sneakers or her early life. She is a lethal hit-woman hired by drug lord Kanan to kill Ghost as revenge for setting him up.

Season 1

After the dealer Miguel's death, Pink Sneakers first appears and assassinates one of Ghost and Tommy's associates, Anibal. Later, While the Soldado Nation leader Carlos Ruiz is at a party, she infiltrates the party and gives him a lap dance. While doing so, she stabs and tries to kill Ruiz and escapes. While Tommy is going to assassinate one of Ruiz's men Nomar, she goes to Ghost's nightclub, Truth, to kill Ghost, but ends up shooting Holly (Tommy's girlfriend and a waitress) instead. Pink Sneakers then visits Kanan and he tells her that he wants Ghost dead before he gets out.

Season 2

After failing to kill Ghost, Pink Sneakers goes into hiding and both Kanan and Ghost are trying to find her. Kanan kills one of her contacts after he failed to find her. Julio, one of Tommy and Ghost's associates, tracks her down to Miami using his connects there and notifies Ghost. Ghost goes to Miami with his girlfriend Angela. After hearing this and to prevent Ghost and Tommy from learning the truth behind the hits on their crew, Kanan calls his right hand man Dre and tells him to follow Ghost and stop Pink Sneakers before he does. While in Miami, Pink Sneakers catches up with her grandfather who runs a store in the area. While Ghost and Angela are at a restaurant, he spots her and goes after her. As she tries to escape she is caught by Dre who stabs her and disappears. While dying, Ghost catches up her and asks who hired her, thinking it was Rolla (whom he killed earlier), but she tells her that it wasn't him and dies.