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Pink Bear

 The Pink Bear is a minor antagonist of The Amazing World of Gumball episode, "The Lesson." He is one of the bad Elmore kids. It seems that he is the Bomb Guy's henchman. He is also the largest member of the bad kids.


He is very short tempered and hates to be called a punk by people. When Gumball called the bear a punk, the bear nearly crushed Gumball's head, the bomb guy told him to stop, meaning that the bear is also very obidient to the bomb guy and does whatever he commands. It is shown that he has sharp retractable claws from his stuffed paws. He killed the Rotten Cupcake during the fight at Detention with the other bad kids. He is also very dimwitted, as shown when his eyes are crossed when Gumball and Darwin come across the bad kids for the first time.


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