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Pink was one of the high ranking commander of The Empire and one of the minor antagonist in Gunstar Heroes.

Gunstar Heroes

Pinky Roader

Pinky Roader

A one-armed mining vehicle from Gunstar Heroes. It's operated by a woman named Pink and her two henchmen. It appears in the Ancient Ruins stage. Pink rides in the machine while her two underlings do all the fighting. A short round man drives the Roader while a tall thin man rides in the claw and shoots at the player with a gun. It can also use a spiked ball and chain and launch bombs that seek out players. Pink will occasionally pop out of the cockpit to taunt the player, but doesn't contribute to the battle in any way.

Duck Battalion

Duck Battalion

Phase 1

A machine operated by Pink's two henchmen. It's armed with twin Gatling guns and something called the "Walking Press Eddie".

Defeating the Duck Battalion will start the second phase of the battle. The taller henchmen will grab one of the Gatling guns from the destroyed machine and go after the player. He jumps around the area wildly firing the Gatling gun in rapid bursts. His pattern is somewhat similar to the machine but much more aggressive.

Pink Lobster

Pinky Lobster

A machine Pink uses in the last stage of Gunstar Heroes. It has a crustacean design with a giant claw and a gun that shoots bubbles. The last battle against Pink involves going up against her final machine, the Pink Lobster. It's a pink three legged machine with a giant claw and the ability to shoot bubbles that trap players. Keeping in style with Pink's attitude, she leaves the driving to her sole remaining henchmen and watches from the backseat.

Getting too close to the Pink Lobster will cause it to swing at the player with its claw. The Slash Chopper attack is when the claw is raised into the air and brought down like a hammer. The Slash Nipper attack is when the claw is swung underneath the vehicle to hit any players hiding below or attempting to sneak under it. If players keep a good distance from the Pink Lobster it will often use the Bubble Bomb that snares players and carries them to the top of the screen.

Gunstar Super Heroes

Pinky Roader

The Pinky Roader makes another appearance in the GBA sequel, Gunstar Super Heroes, with a much different design. It loses the appearance of a mining vehicle and becomes a bipedal robot that attempts to stomp on the player. It can also jump.

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