Pincushion Man
The Pincushion Man was a humanoid safety pin attached to a pincushion.


The Pincushion Man is the main antagonist of one episode of 1935's Ub Iwerk cartoon, "Balloon Land", He's a terror of Balloon Land and all of a sudden, he heard there was a boy and a girl wandering around in a spooky forest.

He hides in front a a tree and then pops out and he's about to pop them but he missed and they start to scram and the Pincushion Man goes after them, the two bounce through the gate but the pincushion slams angrily and he yells, "let me in, I'll get mad in a minute!!! Open the gate, I wanna come in!"

The dimwit gateman wouldn't let him in, but the pincushion beast became a sly old liar to be his friend, the gateman lets him in and he got popped, the children rush to sound the alarm and the balloon people run for their lives, the Pincushion Man goes popping balloons in terror, the kids tell the general of army that the Pincushion Man is on the loose. The army went to battle the beast to cover him and his pins in sap and roll out of Balloon Land and plummet to his death.


The Pincushion Man wears a thimble as a hat, his whole is in a form of a safety pin with a pin cushion full of needles that is attached to him and his feet are in shapes of fish hooks.