Emperor Pilaf's Flying Fortress

Pilaf's Flying Fortress

Pilaf's Flying Fortress is a giant flying fortress owned and used by Emperor Pilaf and his sidekicks called the Pilaf Gang. This floating high-tech stronghold in the sky is equipped with various guns.


The Flying Fortress itself was meant to replace Pilaf's Castle after Goku destroyed it. The Pilaf Gang uses it to travel to Fire Mountain in order to get one of the Dragon Balls that was eaten by a pterodactyl that the Ox-King captured. They leave the Fire Mountain village with the Dragon Ball while the Red Ribbon Army attacks it. The Flying Fortress was destroyed when Colonel Silver and his soldiers shot it down in a heated desert in order to get the Dragon Ball.

Videogame appearance

The Flying Fortress is level 8-2 in Dragon Ball: Origins 2. Goku enters it at the end of level 8-1 and destroys it in level 8-3.

In the bonus level 8-4, Pilaf kidnaps Senbei Norimaki and Turbo Norimaki and obliges them to repair his Flying Fortress and his Pilaf Machines. Senbei and Turbo are saved by Arale Norimaki, who destroys Pilaf's machines.

In the bonus level 8-7, Pilaf employs King Nikochan and his servant to repair and improve the nuclear reactor of the flying fortress. They confront Goku once more inside the fortress, but they are defeated once again.



  • Pilaf's Flying Fortress is in the anime-only, as the Dragon Ball manga starts off the Red Ribbon arc with Goku finding the Dragon Ball and Colonel Silver shooting down Goku, not having anything to do with Pilaf again until the end of the Fortuneteller Baba Saga.
  • It is a flying Death Star-modeled lookalike, consistent to all the Star Wars references made in the episodes it appears.