"All the creatures around here suck. We need to make 'em cooler. So the theme will be:



-Badder!" -From the pigmask journal.

Pigmasks are the main enemies of Mother 3. They work for Porky, and their mission, as said in chapter 1 of Mother 3, is to make all the animals tougher, rougher, and badder, as it stated in the notebook you see lying on the ground after defeating the reconstructed caribou. Later, they took a Drago and reconstructed it into Mecha Drago, a robot-like dinosaur.​ In Chapter 2, the Pigmasks raided the Osohe Castle to get the Egg of Light, and in Chapter 3, it was revealed that Fassad has lead the pigmasks into Osohe Castle to steal the Egg of Light the whole time. At the end of Chapter 3, Kumatora and Wess saved Salsa while Fassad was asleep. In Chapter 4, the Pigmasks own a factory, and you need to work for them, and you eventually get a ticket to the DCMC. When you get to the Thunder Tower in Chapter 5, Lucas is mistaken for the Pigmask Commander, and Boney, Duster, and Kumatora are mistaken for Pigmasks, so they let them all in. Once you get to the top of the tower, Fassad and the Pigmasks catch up to you, Fassad trips on a Bannana peel and falls off the tower, and the Pigmasks go onto a pork ship. There is a Masked Man on the ship, and the the Rope Snake loses grip on the ship. In Chapter 7, there is a factory with a pigmask standing in front of it. The pigmask is the same one as the one you worked for earlier, so he lets you in, but once again you dress as pigmasks. A chimera breaks out, and attacks the pigmasks and the team. In Chapter 8, the pigmasks built an entire city, based off of New York City, it is called New Pork City. Porky is on the 100th floor of the Empire Porky Building, and pigmasks attack you along the way.