Pigface, fiction's biggest slob since Jim Royle.

Me hungry! Me want eats!
~ Pigface's first lines, after arriving in our world, from the video game.

Pigface is a minor villain in the BBC TV series and video game Ace Lightning. He serves as a soldier for Lord Fear, his master.

He was voiced by the late Keith Knight, who tragically died in 2007 from a brain tumor.


Resembling a fat anthropomorphic upright beast (probably a pig, warthog or boar, hence his name), Pigface is very stupid. He's obsessed with food big-time, and will automatically eat at any given opportunity; he's also been hinted at eating people alive. He has a good sense of smell, and has pretty good strength and speed given how fat he is. He's very grotesque and rude, given his habits for burping, farting and picking his nose/snout whenever he pleases, without giving a damn about others. However, he's very sensitive to when people pick on him for his size and diet. For example, Ace Lightning takes every chance he can to insult Pigface, calling him meat-related names such as "porkgrind", "hogmeat" and "weiner roast".

Pigface often teams up with Dirty Rat when it comes to fighting, and he's often the first to engage Ace in combat; as such, he was the first villain to be defeated.

In season 2, Pigface returns to our world, with the new power to shoot snot projectiles from his snout. Like a lot of the villains, he was defeated by Mark in episode 13 (the final episode of season 2), but not before getting Heather Hoffs (Mark's 3rd girlfriend) coated in his snot projectiles.


Pigface can eat and digest anything (probably even living people, which is hinted in the show), regardless of how organic it is, has a good sense of smell, and has pretty good strength and speed given how fat and stupid he is. He also transforms into a trash can, when his powers are depleted. He also possesses the afore-mentioned ability to shoot snot projectiles.