Pigeon is the main antagonist of the Sesame Street episode "The Good Birds Club".

Role in episode

Gordon and Big Bird find a letter telling Big Bird to join the Good Birds Club. He goes to the Good Birds Club just as the president who is a pigeon is telling a mean story. The Pigeon turns Big Bird away because of his big feet. Big Bird then meets with Elmo and Abby and asks Abby to make his feet smaller. Big Bird then goes back to the club but the pigeon rejects him because the rest of him is too big and starts making fun of him once he's gone. Big Bird asks Abby to make him smaller. Elmo and Abby begin to suspect somthing's wrong with the Good Bird Club. The Pigeon turns Big Bird away again because of his yellow feathers and laughs at him. Big Bird asks Abby to change his color but Abby refuses so Big Bird shakes her wand and turns himself blue. He goes back to the Good Birds Club with Elmo and Abby following him. They see the Pigeon laugh at Big Bird and tell Chris about it. Chris tells Big Bird not to listen to the other birds and be the way he wants to be. Big Bird reaiize that he liked the way he was and returns to normal. Abby, Big Bird, Chris and Elmo decide to start their own club called The Happy To Be Me club. The two other birds leave The Good Birds Club in favour of the new one causing the Pigeon to say he will form a great club on his own and fly away.