Pig Cops are monsters found in the Duke Nukem series and have become one of the series staple enemies, gaining popularity ever since their release - which in turn has made them a common sight in future games such as Duke Nukem Forever.

Pig Cops are muscular humanoid boars, LAPD officers mutated by the alien invaders shortly before the beginning of Duke Nukem 3D. It appears only in Earth-based levels (and thus not at all in Lunar Apocalypse, except as two corpses found in Dark Side). Fierce and fearsome, the Pig Cop is one of the most well-known enemies in the game. They are often compared to the Enforcers, sharing the same strength and aggressiveness in combat.

They are cunning in battle, often dropping to the ground to make themselves harder targets while they fire their shotguns at their victims. They patrol mostly on foot, but also in tanks or aircraft. In groups, the Pig Cop is a fierce opponent which should not be underestimated due to their high pain tolerance and devastating Shotgun attack.

Pig Cops are described in the game's instructions page, that (cited) they are 'extremely intolerant towards humans and exhibit blind rage when they detect human scent'. This could lead for the fact, that Pig Cops are misanthropes, human-haters.

The Pig Cop retains much of the knowledge and intelligence of the human that mutated into it, but thanks to the alien influence they have been turned against humanity. They are described as 'alien operatives' who 'suppress residual human opposition'. However, they do not attack females, they simply capture them for their masters.

Apart from the voice players can hear at the end of E1L2, they seem incapable of speech, instead producing a variety of lower-pitched squeals and grunts.