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I'm the guy that changes the course of your life, man.
~ Pieter Vorstedt to Martin Riggs

Pieter "Adolf" Vorstedt is the unseen Bigger Bad of the 1987 film Lethal Weapon, and the secondary antagonist of its 1989 sequel Lethal Weapon 2. He is the right-hand man to South African diplomat Arjen Rudd and the man who murdered Martin Riggs' wife during Riggs' earlier case as a cop and thus indirectly responsible for making Riggs suicidal and dangerous in the first film and overall shaping the character of Riggs in the franchise.

He was portrayed by Derrick O'Connor.


Vorstedt is Arjen Rudd's head of security, and he tries to scare Detectives Martin Riggs and Roger Murtaugh so they cease their investigation into Rudd's affairs. When that fails, he starts killing their police friends one by one. Just before he has Riggs killed, Vorstedt reveals that he's responsible for the death of Riggs' wife before having Rika drowned, who had betrayed Rudd.

Later Riggs and Murtaugh tracks Rudd and Vorstedt to a shipping dock where Rudd is intending to illegally smuggle a large shipment of gold kreugerrands. As Riggs is infiltrating Rudd's freighter, he is attacked by a knife-wielding Vorstedt and they begin to fight. At first, Vorstedt appears to have the upper hand until Riggs eventually stabs him with his own blade; however, instead of killing Vorstedt, Riggs lets him go and walks away. With his remaining strength, Vorstedt picks himself up and points a gun at Riggs. However, before he can fire, Riggs presses a button on a remote control device used for loading and unloading cargo. Vorstedt looks up just in time to see a cargo container come crashing down on top of him, crushing him to death.



  • Despite that he only appeared in the second film and he even was relegated to secondary antagonist, Vorstedt is technically in some way the Bigger Bad of the franchise's first two films. Due to having killed Victoria Riggs, he indirectly made Martin Riggs become the depressive and suicidal cop that he was in the first film and he later confronted him in the second film, revealing their related past apart of killing Rika, Riggs' second crush and he is also more evil than his boss Arjen Rudd (and considering that they're both Pure Evil, that's saying something). And even after being killed at the end of the second film, his actions were still responsible for Riggs' behavior in the next two films, also making him in some way a Posthumous Antagonist.


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