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Smit as seen in the film, during an interview scene relating to Prawns.

Piet Smit is the Bigger Bad/tertiary antagonist of the 2009 film District 9, portrayed by Louis Minnarr.

Smit is Wikus's father-in-law and boss at the Multinational United who helps oppress the prawns. When Wikus is infected, Smit decides to vivisect him for research and watches completely emotionless as his son-in-law begs for his life. He is the one behind the cover-up that turns Wikus into a fugitive and turns his daughter Tania, Wikus's wife against him, by saying that Wikus has had sexual interactions with a Prawn.

Smit is the only villain in District 9 who isn't killed.

It is implied that MNU faces charges for his policy of experimentation on the prawns and Wikus. However, nothing happens to Smit within the film.