Pierre the Tailor

Pierre the Tailor is the possible main antagonist of the video game Freddi Fish 3: The Case of the Stolen Conch Shell. He is a French-accented swordfish and a tailor. He is one of the six suspects, but he may not always be the thief; however, this page is about when he is.

If the item in the bag is a spool of thread and needle, Pierre is the thief. Like any suspect, he will deny it being his, only for Uncle Blenny's dogfish Old Soggy to bit his tail fin. He then admits he did it in an attempt to have some kind of decorative ornament while he works with his talent. When he is told that instead of "just an ornament," the conch is an important part of life under the sea and that his talent doesn't give him the right to steal (which is bad no matter how he looks at it), he feels so much smaller than krill, he repents and gives Uncle Blenny back the conch. He is then sentenced to 4284 hours sewing hand-puppets for underprivileged humpback whales.