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Pierce Washington is the anti-hero and supporting character in Saints Row 2, Saints Row: The Third and Saints Row IV.

He is voiced by Arif S. Kinchen, who also did voice work for Dex in Saints Row 2.


Joining The Saints

Pierce joined the Saints after The Protagonist convinced him by killing some Ronin members. The Protagonist assigned him specifically to collect as much information as he could on the dangerous Ronin.

The Ronin Conflict

Afterwards, Pierce tells The Protagonist and Gat about the Poseidon's Palace, in which the Ronin have stakes. After successfully robbing the casino - even though they didn't go along with Pierce's complicated plan - Pierce, Johnny, and The Protagonist agree that the money they robbed needs to be cleaned, so The Protagonist goes to purchase weapons and cars to sell to a fence.

Pierce ends up getting his hands on the passenger manifest from the Wardill Airport, and on that list is Shogo Akuji's father, Kazuo Akuji, who is coming to Stilwater after catching on about the heist at Poseidon's Palace. Pierce and The Protagonist head to the airport, only to find out Kazuo was gone.[11] After failing to catch Kazuo at the airport, Pierce and The Protagonist head to a bar, then, at the bar, The Protagonist gets an anonymous call telling him that Jyunichi, the Ronin lieutenant that killed Aisha and hospitalized Gat, was at a teahouse. The Protagonist leaves the bar to eliminate Jyunichi.

After meeting Mr. Wong, who was looking for The Protagonist, Pierce drives them to the Saints Hideout, not knowing he was being followed. He, along with Gat, Mr. Wong, his Translator, The Protagonist, and the other Saints, fend off the Ronin's attack.

The Brotherhood Conflict

After the death of Carlos, Pierce, as well as Shaundi help The Protagonist against The Brotherhood.

Pierce also helps The Protagonist against Sons of Samedi to destroy their helicopters, filled with drugs and then steal Loa Dust from the Drug Factory.

Pierce is unlocked as a Homie after completing the The Brotherhood of Stilwater missions. Once all the gangs had been obliterated, the Saints make their way to take down Ultor, after Ultor's Masako tried to kill The Protagonist, Pierce, Gat, and Shaundi. The Protagonist tasks Pierce and Shaundi to blow up and cause mayhem on Ultor property while The Protagonist and Gat infiltrate The Pyramid. Pierce also gives The Protagonist a letter found at the Saints Hideout, which reveals that Ultor Execs are having a retirement party on a large yacht. After The Protagonist kills Dane Vogel, Pierce and Shaundi show up late to help due to problems with traffic.

Corporate Warfare

Pierce makes a brief appearance in the game's second DLC, in which he is talking to Eric Gryphon about getting the Saints protection, because Dex, now head of Ultor Security, wants him dead.

Rise to Fame and Becoming Second in Command

In Saints Row: the Third, Pierce has become somewhat of a celebrity, doing commercials for "Saints Flow" energy drinks and is also mentioned by Jane Valderamma during radio news breaks. He's much more well dressed to represent his new found fame. As well, he is attempting to launch a music career at the point when the events of this game kick off.

His first appearance, besides his commercial in the beginning, is at "We're Going to Need Guns", in which he flies a helicopter to pick up weapons and a bomb from SNG, as well as Shaundi and The Protagonist. They drop off all the weapons at Shaundi's Ex's Apartment. After Johnny Gat's death, Pierce gets promoted to new second-in-command.

Pierce believes that the Saints need to show that they are there to take over, so he and The Protagonist go and pimp out a car, then buy some clothing at Planet Saints, which ended up resulting in fighting a brute before retreating to Shaundi's Ex's Apartment.

Pierce ends up calling The Protagonist, telling them about how he found a new place, a Morningstar building that he thought the Saints could take over. After succeeding in taking over the building, Pierce decides they need to start taking over Steelport. They went on to buy a Friendly Fire from the Morningstar through ownership deeds, an apartment building, and then cleared two Gang Operations, as well a picking up some Sex Dolls, Pierce saying, "Oh that... a little hobby of mine." In the first Trafficking, when The Protagonist asks what they have to sell, he replies that they have T-shirts and lunchboxes. When The Protagonist asks if there is anything else Pierce replies, "Well, there's always my demo tape." The response afterwards depends on the voice of The Protagonist. Some voices sound pleased while a couple say that they "only have shit." After hanging around at the Broken Shillelagh, Pierce suggests that The Protagonist hit up Powder - a designer gun store owned by the Morningstar. Pierce joins The Protagonist and Shaundi to go deal with Loren, and kills him along with rescuing Oleg Kirrlov.

Pierce joins The Protagonist and Shaundi to rescue Kinzie Kensington from the Deckers' boat and also helps with rescuing Zimos. Pierce holds a party at the Saints HQ and Shaundi finds out about this, calling The Protagonist in rage and both make it to the HQ when Shaundi shows her disgust with Pierce. After claiming that they can't mourn Gat forever and being defended by The Protagonist, Shaundi storms out and leaves Pierce, Zimos and The Protagonist at the party. Pierce was almost killed by a hooker assassin with his own gun, being saved by The Protagonist and the 3 repel the attack. He later helps to rescue hos from the Morningstar boat by helicopter.

Conflict with STAG and the Deckers

When STAG comes to Steelport, Pierce helps with dealing with both STAG and the Deckers. For dealing with the Deckers, he helps out with capturing the Learning Computer, using a tank much to the delight of Pierce and The Protagonist, and is with him during "Http://deckers.die" when he goes into the simulation. Regarding STAG, he helps moving the Saints equipment out of the HQ preparing for an inevitable counter attack. He latter comes up with a plan in drawing out STAG, when Pierce calls up Viola and The Protagonist, mentioning that Nyte Blayde is their mascot, and so plans that is they dress up as actors in the film, they can snatch Josh away from STAG. He helps in defending the Saints HQ from STAG. When Shaundi is captured by Kia, The Protagonist comes up with a plan and so Pierce and Viola are taken by The Protagonist disguised as Cyrus to the Thermopylae as prisoners. Both are taken away to be processed by a soldier, and The Protagonist agrees to avoid detection, but angering Pierce in the process and earning him a butt from the soldier's rifle, sneering at The Protagonist as he was taken away. The Protagonist successful finds all 3 after being detected and escapes from the Thermopylae, destroying the ship in the process, although angering STAG and makes them instate marshal law.

Conflict with STAG and the Luchadores

Pierce fights along side Oleg and The Protagonist in taking down STAG and the Luchadores around the city, until The Protagonist gets called by Kia about blowing up the Steelport staue, Pierce called out that "You can't make it to both and you can't let Shaundi die. Fuck Killbane"

After saving Shaundi, Pierce is with The Protagonist and Shaundi. After STAG is forced to leave, Pierce asks The Protagonist "We go back to bangin' in Stilwater?", but The Protagonist simply states "Not yet" and Pierce is last seen filming Gangstas in Space, which he stated enthusiastically to The Protagonist at the start of the mission[36] that they going to be doing a movie shoot for it.

The Trouble with Clones

He first appears with The Protagonist at Smiling Jack's dinner as Jimmy tells them he has cloned Johnny Gat, naming him Johnny Tag. Telling Jimmy that the Professionals will handle it, he joins The Protagonist in an attempt to track the cloned Gat, first trying the local Friendly Fire's before heading to a badly damaged Technically Legal. Learning from the manager that Gat had indeed been there the two Saints learn from Jimmy that the police have surrounded the building and have to hold them off whilst Jimmy come to rescue them. Pierce and The Protagonist keep the police and Steelport Guard busy as they chase the cloned Gat through the streets of Steelport in Jimmy's mom's car until Gat brings down part of a bridge, blocking their way. Distrought the Saints say they'll never catch "Tag", however Jimmy reassures them that he has a plan.

The plan, much to Pierces disgust, has him disguised as Aisha so he can appear at Fan Appreciation Day which is taking place at the various Planet Saints in the city. Whist The Protagonist must ward off excited fans using the Swarmitron, a weapon that fires bees, Pierce sings "Bounce Like My Checks". With no luck at the first store, the group move on to a second store, this time Pierces singing attracts the Cloned Gat but they are attacked by a squad of Steelport Guards and Oppressor helicopters. Chasing "Tag" to Sunset Park The Protagonist rescues Tag and Jimmy brings in a cloned version of Aisha, believing that love would calm the enraged "Tag". For a moment the plan works until a swat helicopter shoots the Aisha clone, killing her and forcing "Tag" to flee.

Receiving a call from Jimmy, The Protagonist and Pierce visit Jimmy one more time, but the cloned Gat appears, knocking out The Protagonist and kidnapping Pierce. The Protagonist is revived by Jimmy with an irradiated can of Saints Flow, giving them superpowers. Racing through the streets of the city, The Protagonist is ambushed by the police at Friendly Fire and a branch of Planet Saint before reaching Pierce and "Tag" at the Downtown Bridge. The superpowers burnt out from over use, The Protagonist is able to take out the Steelport Guard on the group before climbing aboard a Saints helicopter and destroying the remaining troops attacking the bridge. Joining Pierce atop the bridge, The Protagonist, with Pierce's assistance, manages to convince the cloned Gat that they are his friends.

The Assassination of Cyrus Temple

At the beginning of the game, Pierce accompanies The Protagonist in to disrupt a group of terrorists. When he sarcastically comments on Asha being a people person, she snaps at him, asking if they were going to fight terrorists or shoot a Saints Flow commercial, he seems offended.

Pierce's Nightmare

Pierce's nightmare prison in the virtual world involves him being attacked by the Saints Flow cans. The giant flow can, Dubbed "Paul" chases Pierce and The Protagonist until they stop him by taking control of the statue from Magarac Island.

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