Pierce Higgins, was a Gennio Innocuo, a harmless turtle like creature, however due his mother splicing his DNA when he was an embryo, he was also part Lowen (a victious, competative Lion like creature) and his Lowen side began to manifest and started killing his rivals.


For the first seventeen years of his life, Pierce was an ordianary Gennio Innocuo: kind, harmless and very inteligent. However at some point his Lowen side began to physically manifest itself, and took it as its responsibility to protect Pierce's interests. The Lowen is everything Pierce isn't, violent, cruel, competative, hotheaded and apathetic (although not pure evil, simply lacking moral standards as all it wants is to help Pierce and genuinly believes he needs him to survive and thrive) The Lowen first killed two of Pierce's friends and rivals on the decathlon team. This led Nick and Hank to investigate, suspecting he was the Lowen who was killing them, upon being pressured Piece revealed his true form, assuming they were mistaken they left. His teacher (another Lowen) cancelled the decathlon, so Pierce's Lowen side manifested and killed him. Upon learning the truth, from his blood stained clothes, Pierce was overcome with shock and horror. Panicking his mother tried to explain what was going on, but by this point the Lowen had already retaken control, and as she was causing Pierce so much stress, attacked her. Nick arrived, his attention redirected at Pierce. The Lowen attacked Nick, but Nick fought back, and quickly proved, that its enhanced strength and speed, was no match for Nick's Grimm powers. Nick beat him down and in a fit of Grimm rage almost killed him, but Hank managed to snap him back to reality just in time. From Pierce's mother they learned the truth about Pierce, in this time he recovered, and overcome with confusion and agony, he tried to commit suicide. Both sides of his personalities began arguing, over what was best. Unable to take the strain Pierce jumped off a bridge, but Nick caught him and saved him. Pierce was sent to prison for the murders. There two inmates tried to bully him, but once again the Lowen can to his aid, and fought back, leaving the inmates screaming as the episode ended.