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Full Name
Piella Bakewell
Piella, Paella
A Matter of Loaf and Death
No information
Powers / Skills
Rolling pin
Killing bakers
To kill Wallace
Type of Villain
Serial killer

Piella Bakewell is the main villainess of the Wallace and Gromit short "A Matter of Loaf and Death". She is voiced by Sally Lindsay.


Once famous as the Bake-O-Lite Girl, the star of commercials for Bake-O-Lite slimming bread, Piella Bakewell now lives in a luxurious mansion with her pet poodle Fluffles, which houses many mementos of her former glory.

When she gained weight and became too heavy to ride the Bake-O-Lite Balloon, she was fired. This made her intend to eliminate all bakers in the vicinity to get her revenge and to complete a baker's dozen, 13. She pretends to fall in love with bakers and murders them. She had attempted to kill Wallace when he and Gromit opened a bakery service. However, Gromit and Fluffles foiled her evil attempt. She then tried to escape in the Bake-O-Lite Balloon, but she was too heavy and landed in the zoo's crocodile exhibit, and was eaten alive by the crocodiles. Wallace then quoted "You'll always be my Bake-O-Lite Girl", and he imagined a thinner Piella Bakewell riding the Bake-O-Lite Balloon and ascending into the heavens.


  • Piella makes a surprise return in an Aardman Google+ Christmas promo with Wallace, Gromit, Fluffles and other Aardman characters since the last time we saw her getting eaten by crocodiles (Although the Aardman Google+ Christmas promo can be considered Non-Canon). It's also possible that this took place sometime BEFORE her death and they found out she was a serial killer.
  • She is the only villain to die.
  • She is the only female villain.
  • She is the only villain to be considered a serial killer.


Wallace & Gromit 'Tis The Season for Get Togethers!01:01

Wallace & Gromit 'Tis The Season for Get Togethers!

Piella's most recent appearance

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