Picasso (real name: unknown) is the main antagonist of the 2012 action mystery-thriller film Alex Cross. He is an insane and most dangerous remorseless sociopath serial killer.

He was portrayed by Matthew Fox, who played Jack Shepard in hit TV series Lost.


Picasso is a serial killer with an unknown background. He was hired by Leon Mercier, a billionare in financial problems to kill and eliminate his colleagues, Fan Yau and Erik Nunamacher. Picasso first shows up at a cage fight (where his first target Yau is also at) and he shows his brutal strength by defeating an opponent larger and bulkier then him. That night Fan Yau invites him to her house to have sex, but he sedates her and paralyzes her with a drug and kills all the guards with his hidden weapons before killing Yau.

Alex Cross is sent to investigate the crime scene, and discovers that Nunamacher is the next target. With the help of his best friend Tommy Kane and his (Kane's) love interest Monica Ashe, Cross prefends Picasso's plan, that night Picasso hurts himself as punishment for the failure.

During Cross' night out with his pregnant wife Maria, he receives a phone call from Picasso, who reveals he killed Monica. Crosss provokes Picasso, now knowing he is in a nearby building with a sniper rifle aiming at Cross. When he is about to shoot Cross, he changes his mind and instead shoots Cross' wife Maria, killing her and provoking Alex to seek revenge.

Later, Picasso sabotages a train the day Mercier (actually a double) is out and about. While shooting three man (killing two and injuring the other) he prepares a bazooka to fire. But Cross and Kane figure out where he is, but are to late and Picasso fires the bazooka at the city hall, killing Mercier's double and Nunamcher and various other people. He then leaves the hijacked train, killing the injured man.

But before he can escape Cross and Kane arrive and chase Picasso into an abandoned theater. While there Cross and Picasso fight, ending with Picasso falling to his death on a red car below, killing him.