Phylidia Flanders

Phylidia Flanders is a villainess from What's New, Scooby-Doo?, appearing in Season One's "Riva Ras Regas." She was the assistant for famous magician Rufus Raucous, until Rufus disappeared and faked his death after one of his performances. Since then, Phylidia served as the assistant for a much lower level magician named Mr. Wacky Pants; a job she hated. Phylidia wanted to become the headliner and made that particular demand to club owner Del Stone. When Stone refused her demand, Phylidia turned heel and decided to run him out of business, doing so by dressing as Rufus Raucous' ghost and scaring customers away. Phylidia's evil plan was, of course, thwarted by Mysteries Inc., mainly when her shoes were magnetically stuck to the floor. What also gave Phylidia away was how Rufus' pet cat reacted to the ghost. As Velma deduced, the cat's behavior meant that the ghost had to be someone familiar.