Hey...wanna see my head come off?
~ Photo-Negative Mickey

Photo-Negative Mickey is the main antagonist of Five Nights at Treasure Island and is based off a creepypasta titled Abandoned By Disney.


The costume is actually a Mickey Mouse character suit with photo negative coloring. The character has circular ears, pointed nose, large grin and shorts. It is also shown it has yellow, thick fluid inside.


The Photo-Negative Mickey costume first appears in Character Prep 1. It will then wander into the Staff Area, Mascot Only Room, Character Prep 2, Lounge or the Office.

Mickey begins in Character Prep 1 alongside the Donald Duck Head, laying down. Once it begins moving around, the suit will stand up and Mickey can go in all locations apart from CAM 4. The player is informed that Mickey is blind; however he has a heightened sense of hearing. Though it is revealed Mickey can see but his sight is very poor so it relies on hearing.

If Mickey gets into the office, the player needs to pull up the monitor and shut down a camera. Because, a camera shutting down creates a loud noise, this will lure the suit out of the player's office but delaying this will cause Mickey to kill the player. Mickey will reappear in Character Prep 1 and restart the cycle.


  • The real life Photo-Negative Mickey has been seen as the Youtuber and creator of Five Night at Treasure Island and Five Nights at Mickey's Pizza Club.