The Phony Funnies' or Phony Funny Crooks are the antagonists of the "Little Audrey" short "Goofy Goofy Gander". The leader has a sharp-looking head, thus being named "Pinhead", while his follower, being shorter and fatter, has a hole in his head with a bird inside, thus being named "Bird-Brain". They are the protagonist villains of her then-favorite comic book "Phony Funnies", in which they are planning to be the first crooks at Fort Knox. Audrey reads this when she is supposed to be prepared to recite a stanza in the titular Mother Goose Rhyme. In a dream that Audrey is with Mother Goose, the Phony Funnies steal a penny from a young piglet while he is on his way to a fair, and they sneak into the fair to steal the golden eggs in a basket and the goose who lays them. Audrey, using Little Boy Blue's horn, summons other Mother Goose characters to help. Riding on Mother Goose's gander, she uses the horn to make the crooks' bullets backfire, and eventually, she begins to grab them and put them under arrest while they are driving around the mountain... until it is realized that Audrey is actually on the ground, thumping the corner stool around.