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Ah, hello? Hello, hello? Oh, hey, congratulations! It looks like you guys managed to survive five nights at Freddy's! That's... pretty awesome. Uh, unfortunately, that really wasn't how I expected all of this to end. See, I-I really thought you all'd turn on each other by now. But you didn't. So I guess now I have to drop by the office... and finish the job! (Markiplier: Someone tell me what's going on.) Why, this is a crime scene... and you're the victims!
~ Phone Guy
Uh, hello? Hello, hello? Oh, hey... I bet this is one call you weren't expecting. (Nate: How?) It's probably obvious now but, uh, I didn't die in that fire. When the police found me they also found some rather incriminating footage on those security cameras, or what's left of them, anyway. But the good news is, they told me I could make one phone call. So you know I figured I'd give you one last ring... for old times' sake... to remind you... there's nowhere you can go where I won't find you. There's no place you can hide where I won't kill you. And I'll think about it every night until I get out of here.
~ Phone Guy's last threat to Nate.

Phone Guy, also known as MatPat or Scott Cawthon, is the true main antagonist of Five Nights at Freddy's: The Musical by RandomEncounters, based off of the game by the real Scott Cawthon. He seeks to have the security guards and the animatronics (who are good in this version) turn on and kill each other. However, when this fails, he decides to try and kill them himself.

He also made a cameo in the prequel, FNAF Sister Location: The Musical.

He is played by Matthew Patrick, also known as MatPat, from Game Theory and Film Theory.

Over the phone, he is voiced by David King.


In the prequel, Phone Guy transfers AJ to Freddy Fazbear's Pizza after he has an encounter with Circus Baby.

After Markiplier gets a job as a night shift security guard at Freddy Fazbear's Pizza, Phone Guy welcomes him and tells him of the animatronics' behavior. Mark ignores him and proceeds to go through the night scared of them, unaware that they only want to play. AJ shows up for the morning shift, and Mark goes home.

Mark is arrested on the second night for shooting a janitor, mistaking him for Foxy. NateWantsToBattle replaces him, but has to deal with the arrival and subsequent rampage of Springtrap. In an attempt to stop Springtrap, Nate and the animatronics get Mark to come back and aid them.

Mark, Nate, and the animatronics successfully capture Springtrap and find that AJ was behind it all along, trying to use Springtrap to scare everyone away so he could take the night shift and get more hours. Mark and Nate forgivingly offer their jobs to him, and AJ gladly accepts.

However, just as the guards make peace, they are interrupted by a phone call. Phone Guy says he expected them to turn on each other, but now had to come down to the office and finish them once and for all. He locks them in the office and bursts out from a wall with a chainsaw/flamethrower hybrid. He proceeds to kill AJ and wound Freddy. Mark releases Springtrap, who attacks Phone Guy. The others escape as phone Guy fights. During the quarrel, Phone Guy accidentally lights himself on fire with the flamethrower, defeating him and simultaneously burning Springtrap and the restaurant.

It is revealed later that Phone Guy survived the fire, but was caught by police who saw his actions on surviving security tapes. He uses his phone call to threaten and swear revenge on Nate, who hangs up on him and discards his phone. Mark and the animatronics go on to start a successful gaming development company.


Phone Guy appears as a young man with brown hair and eyes. He wears a large Freddy Fazbear costume that is falling apart in several places and has the words "IT'S ME" written on the chest in either red paint or blood.


Phone Guy is seriously deranged and bloodthirsty, with a sadistic glee to all of his actions. While the previous villains were portrayed as threatening, but also quirky, Phone Guy is portrayed as a sadomasochistic madman with a terrifying flair for the dramatic and a disturbing love for the acts of murder and attempted murder. Even after his defeat, he is still dramatic and violent, but now with a burning sense of vengeance.




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