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Douvier is the villain of "Revenge of the Pink Panther". Douvier is a respected businessman who secretly heads a notorious criminal network in France called the French Connection. Douvier's associate Guy Algo gives him the idea of killing Chief Inspector Jacques Clouseau in order to impress the mafia leader Julio Scalini in New York City.

Douvier made many attempts on Clouseau's life, such as having him bombed at a store and hiring a ninja named Mr. Chong to break into his apartment to kill him, and finally having him gunned down in the highway.

Clouseau faked his own death by accident when a man named Claude Russo steals a clothes and gets mistaken for the chief inspector. Clouseau and Cato both decide to work together to investigate who was trying to kill Clouseau.

Douvier, meanwhile, decides to have his mistress and secretary, Simone (no relation of Simone Lytton) killed, since his wife is threatening to expose his criminal ties unless he cooperates. Simone helps Clouseau pursue him to Hong Kong for revenge, where he is meeting with Julio Scallini. During the final battle in a harbor shed Simone gets her revenge on Douvier by shoving a handful of fireworks into his trousers, incapacitating him.

Douvier and his allies are then arrested. Unfortunately, Douvier was replaced by Bruno Langlois, who is twice as wild and worst as Douvier ever was.

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