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~ Phillip to Jodie
Your'e a monster! You hear me! A MONSTER!!
~ Phillip to Jodie

Philip Holmes is a minor antagonist in the game Beyond Two Souls. He was the foster father of the games protagonist Jodie Holmes, and is rather cold and distant towards her, in conrtrast to his wife Susan.

Beyond Two Souls

Not much is known about Phillip and Susan before they adopted Jodie, other than they had a biological child together who died in infancy. This was possibly a factor as to why Phillip wasn't to fond of Jodie, another reason is that its implied Phillip and Susan are religious, making Phillip especially uneasy towards the supernatural activity around Jodie. Phillip and Susan adopted Jodie as part of a deal made with the DPA.

Over the years of raising Philip was distant towards Jodie, while his wife Susan was loving towards her. Aiden begins to act up, at which Phillip felt uneasy towards Jodie. Phillip became emotionally and verbally abusive towards Jodie and got mad whenever she reveals the existence of Aiden. One winter, Susan lets Jodie play outside, where she goes out on the street. Jodie runs into bullies who try to smother her in snow, and Aiden is forced the choke one of the bullies. Phillip is forced to intervene and drags Jodie back into the house where he begins to scold her. He is about to he Jodie when Aiden scares him.

That night, Phillip and Susan have an argument regarding Jodie, where Phillip claims that they have to give her up to the DPA. Phillip also says that Jodie is a demon. Moments later, Jodie is attacked in her bed by an entity, prompting Phillip and Susan to check on her. Susan eventually agrees to drop Jodie off at the DPA, albeit reluctantly. There Jodie is under the care of Nathan Dawkins and Cole Freeman, who become parental figures to Jodie

Later Phillip and Susan pay a visit to Jodie, where Phillip explains to Jodie that he and Susan are moving and that its for the best she stay with Dawkins and Freeman for the time being, but Philip says they will visit if they can. At this point, Aiden has the option to strangle but not kill Phillip. If Aiden does so, Phillip will angrily run off, while calling Jodie a monster. If Aiden doesn't strangle him, Phillip and Susan will leave quietly.

Similar Villains

  • Philip is similar to Richard Detmer from Chronicle as both are abusive fathers of the main protagonists, and are treated as minor antagonists. They are also spared from being killed by them.