250px-Philip Holmes
I'm sick and tired of your stories! Jodie, this time your'e really gonna to get it!
~ Phillip to his adoptive daughter Jodie
Your'e a monster! You hear me! A MONSTER!!
~ Phillip to his adoptive daughter Jodie

Philip Holmes is a minor antagonist in the game Beyond Two Souls. He is the husband of Susan Holmes, the father of their unnamed son, and the adoptive father of Jodie Holmes, he is a cold and distant man towards his adoptive daughter, in contrast to his wife Susan.

Beyond Two Souls

Philip was born on 14th January, 1961, at some point in his life, he married Susan, later, the couple had a son, however, the newborn contracted an unknown illness, so Philip and his wife decided to take their son to the hospital, but despite The doctor's efforts, the newborn died, leaving Philip destroyed, after their son's death, the couple adopted a newborn girl named Jodie.

Philip Holmes is Jodie Holmes's adoptive father. He appears to be rather cold and distant towards his adoptive daughter, and unlike his wife Susan, he is quick to punish Jodie if she reveals any evidence of Aiden's existence. He convinces Susan to leave Jodie at the DPA, in the care of Nathan Dawkins and Cole Freeman.

In the chapter Alone, an option for Aiden to strangle Philip will appear as he and Susan are leaving the department. If the player attempts this, Aiden will stop before he passes out, though Philip does fall to the ground. He will then panic and furiously call Jodie "evil" and a "monster", before fleeing with Susan. Doing so will earn the player the trophy Not My Father; conversely, if the player chooses to not harm Philip as he leaves, the trophy Sorry will be achieved.


  • In Susan and Philip's bedroom there is a box with a photograph which Jodie can use to access a flashback which reveals that Philip and his wife have lost one a infant son, the loss of a son, It can prove Philip's cold and severe personality.
  • If the player goes into Philip's and Susan's room and goes onto the left side of the bed they can find a rather thick, bible. Possibly hinting that Jodie's adoptive parents, specifically Philip, are religious. This may be the reason Philip is more frightened than Susan because of his religious beliefs.