Phil Bushey was one of the main character turn out to be one of the antagonists of The Stephen King Tv serie Under The Dome.

He had arrived in Chester Mills when the dome was created, he was listening to military transmission with a friend, He was the sheriff of Chester Mills, he was a real good sherif well until the second season. in the second season he become one of the bad guys, who arguing and fighting with everyone, he murderer a man named wendell and lose status of Sheriff from chester Mill. He's also a kidnapper and seeker of vengeance.He kidnapped Carolyn Hill and take her has a hostage, he was arrested for both of his crimes, during a earthquake Phil manage to escape his cell, and found the locker and jump the cliff to his death, his dead body is by Barbie and Julia. Since his death he do not reappear in the serie, but he's only mentioned, his name also appear in the memorial for people deceased in the dome.

Phil dead body