Phil Bernet

Phil Barnett is an antagonist of Aesthetica of a Rogue Hero. He was born on Earth and summoned to Alayzard at some point before the start of the series. He became a hero of the Disdian Army.


Phil wears the armor of Disdia with a red cape. He has short blond hair, and light amber, blue eyes, and pale skin. He is capable of turning into a white dragon with an armature supposedly made ​​of metal or bone.


Phil is cocky, but yet serious at times when he needs to be. Similar to Akatsuki, Phil seems to be a bit perverted which can be evident by trying to know how Miu had seduced Akatsuki. He is a human, it is unknown why he had remained in Alayzard, though Akatsuki had to flee from the maids sent by Risty and Valkyria. He tried to decapitate Akatsuki, who used Renkankei-kikou to protect the neck. He simply thinks himself of being the new "Hero" after capturing Miu and settled with Akatsuki.

He transformed into a dragon after being defeated by Akatsuki, in which he had been confronted by the Student Council, Chikage, Kuzuha, and Miu, but was not able to defeat him. Akatsuki returned with the help of Sleipnir and Laevateinn. Phil thought he would reign victorious when Akatsuki's Laevateinn was destroyed, but when Akatsuki used one last AD to deliver the final blow with his Laevateinn, Phil was finally killed for good, along with his dragon.

Weapons and Powers

Sword – A "basic" poison-coated blade, which has strong resistance against powerful impacts by Laevateinn in super potency.

Magic - He has a technique that releases a gust of wind without moving and magic that unleashes a series of small spheres of energy. Like a warrior, he must have great skills with the sword, which was not very harnessed against Akatsuki. He also has the power to poison him.

Zahhaku - He formed a contract with "Zahhaku," the most fearsome Celestial dragon in Alayzard, where he can become a white dragon of which the Student Council failed to defeat, even with the help of Miu, Kuzuha, and Chikage.

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