Phelous D1 is the evil version of the Canadian internet reviewer Phelan "Phelous" Porteous. He first appeared in Phelous' review of the movie Ghost Ship, where it was revealed that Phelous was dead all along and that he was tying to steal viewers souls in the name of the "D1", whatever that means. He then inexplicably shows up in "Dawn of the Living Dead" review, where he declares himself Phelous' nemesis but then gets struck down by purple lightning right as he's about to explain what "D1" actually means. 

Phelous D1 continued to make sporadic cameos up until the April Fools "New Phelous" review, where Phelous had regenerated (Time Lord-style) into a parody of The Irate Gamer. Phelous D1 kills NewPhelous for making fun of The Magic of Scheherazade, and gets merged back with Phelous as he regenerates. 

Much later, Phelous dies again and regenerates into a cat, and subsequently Phelous D1 comes back to life for unknown reasons. Upon returning to normal, the original Phelous shoots and kills Phelous D1, but D1 manages to regenerate by "eating another dead Phelous". However, Phelous' girlfriend, Obscuras Lupa, somehow turns Phelous D1 into a cat using a garlic sandwich.

Since then, Phelous D1 has made a couple more attempts to become a character again, with little success. His last known "death" involved being his space ship being shot down by the comic book reviewer Linkara only seconds after revealing himself as the one trying to kill Phelous. His most recent appearance was as an evil mirror ghost that was rejected in favor of using Sub-Zero for the role instead.