was a villain that appeared in The Twisted Tales Of Felix the Cat, though he was by far one of the most pathetic and ridiculous adversaries Felix ever faced (this was clarified by the other characters in the show).
Phelix was an imposter who sought to be Felix but was absolutely abysmal at his attempts, looking and acting nothing like the iconic feline.
Despite his stupidity he had managed to successfully usurp the show via kidnapping Felix and keeping the star tied up in an apartment.
Phelix tells his tragic story to Felix while crying profusely, via a flashback it is revealed that Phelix had always sought to be a cartoon character and went as far as taking a cartoon character class - graduating but became homeless and without a job when no company would take him.
Thus Phelix decided to steal Felix's show and persona for himself - resulting in the events currently occuring, by the time Phelix had finished telling his story however Felix had managed to escape the apartment as Phelix's tears had literally flooded the entire area.
Phelix proceeded to pursue Felix but was far too dumb to catch the craftier cat, who then disguised himself as a great cartoon director in order to trick Phelix into performing a crazy stunt involving an impossibly tall ladder and a wet sponge.
At first Phelix was eager to do the trick but soon had second thoughts as he began plummeting down to Earth (quite literally from space) - after much pleading Felix agreed to help Phelix out on the promise Phelix would never impersonate him again.