Phelesmon is a minor villain in Digimon Fusion season 3.


Phelesmon is an Ultimate Level Digimon that resembles a devil-like demon monster. He weilds a trident that resembles the Devil's Trident (The Devil's Pitchfork).

He also has a secondary form where he covered in a cloak.

Digimon Fusion season 3

Phelesmon (Hooded)

Phelesmon (Cloaked)

He first appeared disguised as a cloaked angel when he took a boy named Makoto Tamura and brainwashes him so he can have as many friends as he wants.

Phelesmon reveals that he is brainwashing all the human children as his minions with each a devil's pitchfork. Phelesmon then reveals his true form and became large. Arrestdramon finished Phelesmon off, and is then captured by Tagiru.


  • Black Statue
  • Demon's Shout