Phecda appears in Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor 2 as one of the seven Septentriones.


Phecda is named after one of the seven stars in the constellation of the Big Dipper. It arrives on Tuesday and is the third of the seven to appear. It levitates and uses Lightning plus Wind based attacks.


Phecda takes the form of a gold ring with pink and green crystalline bars protruding from its edge. When it splits, it creates 2 clones - one where its crystals are mostly green, and another with mostly pink crystals. The clone with green crystals has all its crystals perpendicular to its ring, while the other has its crystals only slightly angled in that fashion.


Phecda is immune to all non-Almighty attacks when it is whole. At its first turn, it will split into two clones, one strong against magic, and one strong against physical attacks. After a few turns, the two clones will attempt to meet each other and fuse back together, recovering their health and becoming immune once again for two turns. Then the process repeats. Destroying one clone will cause the second half to regenerate back into a complete Phecda on its next turn. However, damage done to Phecda is retained when it reforms.

Sometimes, if multiple teams are within 3 squares of either Phecda or its clones, it will use its signature out-of-battle Dark Thunder attack, which inflicts high Electricity damage to all teams within that range.

Clone A is strong against Phys attacks and uses fairly strong Phys Techniques. However, it is weak to all magic attacks. Clone B is strong against Magic attacks and uses Mazio, Mabufu, and Mazan. However, it is weak to Phys attacks. Clone B can also use an electrical discharge technique that will attack all teams with an Elec-type attack in the surrounding area.

It is highly recommended that you avoid defeating one half in one battle. The destruction of one will cause the other to regenerate into a whole Phecda on its next turn. Which will later split into two clones once more. Letting both clones move next to each other will also result in a fusion of the two.

Start by battling until each clone is weak enough to be destroyed on its next battle. A Phys user like Daichi or Jungo will be useful against Clone B, whereas a Magic user like Io or Airi will be useful against Clone A. Then, make sure each of the Clone's turns are not directly after each other before defeating them.

If battling the summoned demons becomes too troublesome, Ronaldo can survive long enough to defeat most demons, while the player can focus mostly on Phecda. Airi is a good member to dispatch for that battle, as her Fate grants her resistance to Force and Electricity, protecting from Phecda's Force Dance, Mazan, Mazio, and Dark Thunder.

If the player successfully cracked Drain from Ronaldo or his Baphomet in the previous battle, it can be used to damage the full Phecda despite its immunity to everything else.


  • Phecda's name is romanized in one point in anime as Phekda.