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Behold! On this the most evil of Halloween nights, my legion of souls will walk again!
~ Phears

Phears is the main antagonist of the direct-to-video and Disney Original Movie Mostly Ghostly: Who Let the Ghosts Out?, Mostly Ghostly: Have You Met My Ghoul Friend?, and Mostly Ghostly: One Night in Doom House. He is an evil ghost who is after Nicky and Tara Roland after orphaning them. His intentions are to inhabit the physical world by freeing himself and his minions from the world of ghosts (but Phears can only do that on Halloween).


In the first two films, he wears a black robe with red or brown underneath, has white long hair, and has long sharp teeth. However, in the third film, he is completely bald, has shorter sharp teeth, has a different skin texture, and wears a black turtle neck with a light brown jacket.


In the first film, he is a serious and menacing villain. However, he is more of comical and silly villain in the sequels, although he did have some funny moments in the first film.

Skills and PowersEdit

Phears has the ability to raise his own ghost army, make inanimate objects come to life, and possess people (as shown in One Night in Doom House when he possesses Simon for most of the film).

Role in the FilmsEdit

Who Let The Ghosts Out?Edit

Phears plans to release his evil army of ghosts on Halloween, and capture the Roland children, Tara and Nicky, but fails due to Max saying the chant of the ring.

Have You Met My Ghoul Friend?Edit

Phears sends a ghoul to posses Max, but later in the film, Emma, the ghoul, teams up with him, and they use his cat, Maular, to return him to the underworld.

One Night in Doom HouseEdit

Phears' evil uncle, Mr. Morgo (played by Danny Trejo), gives Phears one last chance. Phears possesses a celebrity ghost hunter TV star, Simon (played by Jamie Kennedy), and he tries to make Max give him an enchanted crystal, so he can unleash an army of ghosts, but in the end, Max destroys the crystal.


  • He was portrayed by Brian Stepanek in Who Let the Ghosts Out?, Charlie Hewson in Have You Met My Ghoul Friend?, and Adam Tsekhman in One Night in Doom House.
  • He is also the main antagonist of the book series by the legendary R.L. Stine.