The Phantom Troupe (in Japanese: 幻影旅団, Genei Ryodan) is a world famous gang of thieves and criminal organization in the anime/manga series Hunter X Hunter. They serve as the main antagonists of the Yorknew City Arc and one of the main antagonist organizations overall as well as Kurapika's arch-enemies, being the ones responsible for killing his entire clan five years before the beginning of the series. The group consists of a total of thirteen members, all of whom are very skilled Nen users, each with a numbered tattoo of a spider on their body.




  • The Phantom Troupe are quite similar to the Band of Seven; both are a group of mass-murdering criminals who care about no-one except each other and have an entire arc revolved around them. Additionally, all members of both groups have a unique set of skills and abilities that set them apart from the others. In both cases, these include superhuman strength (Uvogin/Kyokotsu), proficient swordsmanship (Nobunaga Hazama/Bankotsu), built-in guns (Franklin/Ginkotsu) and healing abilities (Machi/Suikotsu). Coincidentally, both Uvogin and Kyokotsu are the first members of their respective groups to be defeated and killed.
  • Members of the Phantom Troupe usually rank quite high in character popularity polls. Many of them come within the top twenty or thirty characters, according to the second character popularity poll and third character popularity poll respectively.
  • Gon and Killua were invited by Nobunaga to join the Troupe, but they refused.