The Phantom Gang is a band crooks from the Three Stooges short, Who Done It? They captured Old Man Goodrich, tied him up, and tortured him by forcing him to listen to singing commercials to gets his money. Before he was capture, Mr. Goodrich called the Stooges from the Alert Detective Agency. The gang tried to killed them when they arrived. Mr. Goodrich was able to turn out the lights. In the confusion, nobody knew who was beaten up who. When it was over, the Phantom Gang were all knocked out.


  • The Leader - Carries a gun.
  • The Niece - Mr. Goodrich's niece is secretly a member, and tries to poison Shemp with a pill in his drink.
  • The Butler - Secretly a member of the Phantom Gang. Carries a knife.
  • Nikko - A big voiceless goon with the strength to strangle a person.