The Phantom Empire is the evil kingdom that includes the antagonists in Happiness Charge Pretty Cure!. Their kingdom is not seen. Their goal is to turn every person on Earth's happiness into sadness and despair.


The members of the Phantom Empire had been locked inside a box called Axia that had been hidden within the Blue Sky Kingdom for years. However, someone accidentally opened the box and released them. Soon after, they began their invansion.




  • This is the second group of villains that has a female leader, preceded by Nightmare from Yes! Pretty Cure 5, which had Desperaia as its leader.
  • The members of the Phantom Empire are based on the characters from fables.
  • The Phantom Empire is the second antagonist group to feature a true antagonist as a human, after Desert Apostles' Dune.
  • This is the only villain group to have its location jocularly a lousy and bright (notice that there are sweets and toys thematic on the location of the Phantom Empire).