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Finally, we meet again. I'm so glad, but just wait. Just a little while longer. I won't ever let you go again. I won't ever be wrong again. Soon.
~ Phantom
Phantom is an unknown entity that gave Kotori Itsuka, Miku Izayoi, and Origami Tobiichi their Spirit powers and also one of the main antagonist in Date A Live franchise. This was done by offering them a gem that dissolved into their hands infusing them with the power of a Spirit. It's unknown whether only some or all Spirits were humans given powers or if some always were spirits.

Whenever meeting someone Phantom always hides its identity by turning its appearance and voice into a 'mosaic' so while people know it's there and can 'hear' its voice in their minds, nobody can discern or remember what Phantom looked or sounded like even on camera. How or why the gems gives certain powers or influences the receiver is unknown so only theories exist on why Kotori experiences increasingly destructive impulses when she uses her powers, extreme attacking and healing, versus what Miku, who doesn't have destructive impulses when using her powers with of control with minimal offense and defense, experiences.

This entity is also the one who told Kurumi Tokisaki about where the second spirit may be held in along with the information that Shidou holds the powers equivalent to three Spirits within him. Although Phantom was in the area when Origami 's parents were killed, its more likely the killer was another Spirit (possible another girl who got powers like Kotori but gave in to the destructive impulses) as Origami was able to clearly see her (albeit at a distance.) Since Phantom uses a 'mosaic' to hide its (unknown if he or she so using neutral it for gender) identity with everyone it meets and even buried Shidou's and Kotori's memories of it there is no way Origami would have been able to have clearly seen Phantom, especially as the Spirit saw her before leaving.


Who are you? What do you want from us?
~ Shidou Itsuka
Phantom is a code name that Ratatoskr has given to a mysterious being which is in possession of several Sephira Crystals and uses their power to transform humans into spirits. During her battle with Origami, she is revealed to be female. It is unknown is she is a human or a spirit.

She makes her first appearance in a flashback in Light Novel Volume 4, when she is revealed to be the one that made Kotori Itsuka a spirit. Shido also told Origami that she is probably also the one who killed her parents. She is later also revealed to be the one who told Kurumi Tokisaki about Shido.

In Light Novel Volume 7, Shido tells Miku Izayoi that he has discovered that she was once human which means Phantom must have turned her into a spirit. Miku then tells him that when her first career as a singer was ruined because of false rumors, Phantom (or god as Miku calls her) appeared in front of her and made her a spirit when she was about to commit suicide.

In Light Novel Volume 10, after Origami Tobiichi was defeated by the fully powered Tohka Yatogami, despite using Deus.Ex.Machina Industries's newest Combat Realizer Unit and weapons and voiced her desire to obtain power in anger. Phantom appeared in front of her to answer plea. She offered Origami a white gem telling her that it would give her power greater than anyone. Origami thought it was a hallucination but still accepted Phantom's offer, she touched the gem, which than turned her into a Spirit. Later, Origami asked Kurumi to use her twelfth bullet to send her back in time to five years ago so that she can kill Phantom and make it so that her parents murder never happened, Kurumi accepts to help in order to test her twelfth bullet. Once send back in time, Origami battles against Phantom but she manages to get away. It is also revealed that it was not Phantom but Origami herself who killed her parents, having done so by accident when she was battling Phantom. 


Five years before the beginning of the series, Phantom appeared out of nowhere in front of Kotori Itsuka, who was crying over that both her parents and her brother Shido were not with her despite it being her birthday. Phantom asked her what was wrong, but Kotori, who was told not to talk to strangers and scared because she couldn't make out Phantom's appearance, instead of answering walked away. Phantom than told her that she was scared of her brother abandoning her because she was always a crybaby, once again getting Kotori's attention, because she seemingly looked into her mind.

Phantom than offered Kotori a red Sephira Crystal and told her that it would make stop being a crybaby. Kotori touched the gem which was then immediately absorbed into her and made her into spirit with the ability to control fire. Phantom than disappeared just as Kotori's new power immediately went out of control and destroyed the neighborhood. After Kotori accidentally severely injured her older brother Shido, who returned for her, Phantom reappeared in front of her and told her that if she kisses her brother she will be able to save his life.

Kotori did what she was told and kissed her older brother, most of the the flames that immediately disappeared and the rest started to heal Shido's wounds. After he was fully healed Shido moved in front of Kotori in order to protect her from Phantom, but Phantom told them that she had no intention of harming them and told them that the ending they brought out was the best case senerio, but that it may be better to forget about this accident for now, she than placed each of her hands on each of their heads and erased their memories.

Immediately afterwards Phantom was suddenly attacked by an enraged Origami Tobiichi. Taking a good look at her, Phantom realized that she was in possession of the Angel Metatron, which should be impossible since the Angel its Sephira Crystal is still in her possession. Remaining calm while Origami desperately tries to kill her, Phantom came to the conclusion that Origami must have have used Kurumi's Angel Zadkiel its twelfth bullet to travel back in time, which causes Phantom to voice her surprise since she couldn't imagine Kurumi lending her power to someone else. Phantom asks Origami why she is trying to kill her, Origami tells her that it's because Phantom is planning to kill Origami's parents, Phantom however has no such intention and tells her so, but her reply only enrages Origami more.

After a short fight Origami manages to remove Phantom her noise with an attack, but was temporary blinded by the attack and was such unable to clearly see Phantom's true appearance. Phantom noted to herself, that with such talent, it would be unthinkable to not make Origami a spirit, even if she would one day turn against her. Phantom then, despite Origami's attempt to stop her, slipped into the void (teleported herself to the other dimension).

Phantom appeared once again in front of Miku Izayoi just as she was about to jump off the building to commit suicide after her career as a singer had been ruined because of false rumors. Phantom offered Miku a purple Sephira Crystal and told her than it would give her a godlike power that will change everything back in her favor. Miku accepted the gem and when she touched it, it was instantly absorbed into her body and made her a spirit.

Much later, Phantom appeared in front of Kurumi and told her about Shido and about the sealed spirit mana he holds in his body, causing Kurumi to disguise herself as a human and transfer to Raizen High School in an attempt to let her shadows eat him and gain his power.

Powers and Abilities

Sephira Crystals

Phantom has the power to mask her voice and appearance by using a strange noise. Phantom can seemingly see people their feelings, perhaps indicating mind reading abilities. She has also shown the ability to fly. Phantom has shown to be in possession of three Sephira Crystals, which she uses to transform humans with talent into spirits, those of Camael, Gabriel and Metatron, she has given all three away to humans. So far Phantom has shown to have turned three humans into spirits:



  • When Origami was able to remove Phantom's noise during their fight, she noted that Phantom's true voice sounded familiar to her.
    • Origami also noted she was a woman with long hair.
  • Fans have speculated that Reine Murasame is Phantom as Phantom's speech pattern seems similar to Reine's and that Reine Murasame's name has the kanji of "0" (零) can be created with the first kanji of her name (令) plus the second kanji of her surname (雨).
  • While Phantom has stated she had no intention of harming Origami's parents, she is indirectly responsible for their deaths by giving Origami the power of the Metatron Crystal in the first place. Kurumi is also indirectly responsible, having sent Origami, who then had that power, back to try and stop Phantom whom she believed killed her parents, only to inadvertently end up killing them herself.


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