Pewterschmidt Industries is part of Carter Pewterschmidt's empire, Lois Griffin's father and the main antagonist from TV Series Family Guy.


In the episode "Running Mates" it also said to be involved in shipping.

In the episode "Business Guy", Peter becomes leader of Pewterschmidt Industries when Carter slips into a coma, he introduces new products like "The African-American Heart Monitor" and "Jeremy Irons Cereal".

In the episode "The Old Man and the Big "C"", Brian and Stewie discovers that Pewterschmidt Industries have a cure for the cancer, but Carter did not want to reveal anything to anyone, just to make money, he promises to Lois, his daughter, that he will reveal the existence of cure, only for her, but then it turns out that he lied, an another example of his horrible character, because this time he's also cheated his daughter.

Peter confronts Carter over his lack of Christmas spirit at Pewterschmidt Indutries in the episode "Christmas Guy".



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