One of the primary antagonists of Stieg Larsson's Millenium Trilogy, Teleborian is a prominent psychiatrist who is also a closet pedophile. Despite his reputation as a caring psychiatrist, Teleborian was in fact a psychopath who abused his patients emotionally and physically, in addition to keeping thousands of pornographic photos on his laptop. In 1991 he was assigned by the Section to write a false report about Lisbeth Salander after she attacked her abusive father, Alexander Zalachenko, with a petrol bomb. Teleborian kept her strapped down each night for over a year and tried to force feed her psychiatric drugs. Salandar later described him as one the most evil man she ever met. 15 years later Teleborian attempted to once more have her committed, only this time he finally met his match. Before the trial Lisbeth and her friends were able to hack into his laptop and catch him looking at child porn. Lisbeth's attorney ripped his testimony to shreds and exposed his lies. Teleborian began to lose his arrogant demeanor and simply stammered as more evidence was piled on. At the very end of the testimony Teleborian was publicly arrested for possessing child pornography. Exposed as the monster he truly was, Teleborian simply allowed the police to lead him away. As he left, his former victim stared at him with fire in her eyes.