Peter Stevenson
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Peter Stevenson is the main antagonist in the Fansadox webcomic series entitled "Birthday Gift". He is a teenager in a slave-accepting society and once he has given Maggie, his high school crush, as his slave, by his father (at the suggestion of his mother Molly), he relishes in torturing and raping her. Later, he also gets her friend, Sherry, and does even worse things to her.

He and his friend Steve go from time to time free-women-"hunting" and have raped and enslaved another colleague of theirs, Gwendoline and her mother, as well as at the end of the school year, one of their teachers.

He becomes Anna's boyfriend and does not hide that he'd abuse her too if she didn't have diplomatic immunity, despite the fact that she gives herself willingly to him.

He does have redeeming qualities, like a distorted love for Maggie and restrained friendship towards Steve, but at the end of the day, he'll still hurt any girl he has access to and make their lives a living hell for his personal and sexual pleasures.