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I see you're young and impressionable, too. So I have a jiggy load of crunk here for you! With modern jokes, adult jokes, and poop jokes galore. References kids won't get, who could ask for more? It's totally "boss" and with the "in crowd", is there any "pwnage" this funkiness allowed?
~ Souless introduces himself and his plan
Oh, what good are those movies, anyway? They don't even have pop culture references!
~ Souless insulting The Polar Express and Mary Poppins

Peter Souless was a character who appeared as the main antagonist in the Nostalgia Critic's review of The Cat in the Hat. He appeared on the Critic's television screen while The Critic was reviewing the film.

According to the Nostalgia Critic, Souless was the Hollywood executive who bought all film rights to Dr. Seuss. Throughout the review, Souless tries to defend the film by explaining the adult jokes made kids feel all grown up and using focus groups to help in making the film, only to be countered by the Critic's critisisms, explaining the adult jokes felt childish and how Dr. Seuss wrote what he wanted to see rather than what focus groups wanted to see. 

Finally, Souless says that Dr. Seuss's books were simple kids books, but the Critic defends them by saying they were timeless classics that everyone grew up with and are continued to be read and would be remembered by everyone while the movie will be forgotten. Evilina, the Devil's daughter, whom the Nostalgia Critic was babysitting, even said she prefered the book over the movie. 

Souless finally snaps and decides to force them both to watch all the Dr. Seuss films until they were appreciated. However, the Devil comes to pick up Evilina and recognizes Souless and said Souless sold his soul so the Dr. Seuss movies would be a big hit as no one in their right mind would see them. The Devil drags Souless to Hell and prepares to leave. The Critic then throws a suggestion torture to Devil, who is impressed (even though all we know about it is it involves a fork). While the Critic prepares his quote, he hears Souless's screams and smiles. 

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