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Lupin: You sold James and Lilly to Voldemort! Didn't you!?

Pettigrew: I didn't mean to! The Dark Lord. You have no idea the weapons he possesses!

~ Peter Pettigrew's confession
Bone of the father unwillingly given. Flesh of the servant willingly sacrificed. And blood of the enemy forcibly taken. The dark lord shall rise again.
~ Peter Pettigrew's resurrection spell for Lord Voldemort

Peter Pettigrew, better known as Wormtail, is a major antagonist in the Harry Potter franchise, making his debut as the true main antagonist of Prisoner of Azkaban and later as the tertiary antagonist of Goblet of Fire. He was originally one of James Potter's friends, but later joined the Death Eaters and betrayed James and Lily in the process, thus framing their best friend Sirius Black for the crime.

He is played by Timothy Spall.


In Book

After being hunted down by some Muggles for some unspecified crime, he blew them up with a spell and blamed the murders on his friend and Harry Potter's godfather, Sirius Black. He then faked his own death by cutting off one of his fingers and leaving it at the crime scene, then turning in to his Animagus form, a rat. After which, he encountered Percy Weasley, who kept him as a pet and named him 'Scabbers' due to his mangy appearance. He remained this way for 12 years and was eventually passed down to Ron Weasley. His main reason for doing so was that he was afraid that many of Voldemort's followers believed that he had betrayed Voldemort and would kill him and by staying with a wizard family he would keep up on current news until he felt it was safe to return to his master. Since Ron was also best friends with Harry Potter, Peter knew he would capture Harry at the right opportunity and present him to his master as a means of proving his loyalty to the Death Eaters.

Wormtail was eventually forced to reveal himself by Sirius Black and Remus Lupin, who were angry for framing the former for the murders. Wormtail told him them that he was forced to do it out of fear for his life, but Remus, knowing it to be a lie, then tried to attack him, but Harry defended him, which Peter replied that he owed Harry a life debt. But, before he can be charged for his crimes, Lupin begins to turn into a werewolf and, amongst the confusion, Wormtail escapes in his rat form.

Peter Pettigrew at the graveyard

Wormtail putting Harry's blood in the cauldron to revive Voldemort.

After finding a dying Voldemort, Wormtail organized the events of the Triwizard Tournament disasters, murdered Cedric Diggory - on Voldemort's orders - and helped Voldemort rise again in a ritual which required Harry's blood and his own hand. As reward of this, Voldemort gave him a new Silver Hand. In the last book in the Harry Potter series, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, he kidnapped Harry and Ron and held them hostage in a dungeon along with several other prisoners. After Harry mouthed off at him, he attempts to kill him but Harry reminds him of the debt he owed him and he hesitates, which makes the silver hand strangle him to death.

In film

Wormtail's role in the films is quite the same as in the books, exception being his final scene.

In Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1, he was assigned to keep Ollivander quiet. He also locked Harry and Ron in the cellar of Malfoy Manor when Bellatrix was torturing Hermione for information. She later sent Wormtail to get Griphook to confirm whether the Sword of Gryffindor had been stolen from her vault at Gringotts. After Dobby left with Ollivander and Luna, Wormtail came down to check on the prisoners, but was hit in the back by Dobby with a magic energy ball, and, after saying "Ow!", collapsed to the ground. Dobby took his wand and gave it to Ron. This is the only departure from the book; the filmmakers thought it would be deemed too graphic for a man to kill himself even if it wasn't his choice as the film adaptations were actually intended to be a PG-13 rated film (despite being able to show Cadmus Peverell hanging himself, as well as giving Snape a graphic and gory death scene in Part 2 not disturbing enough to affect the rating).

It is unclear whether he killed or stunned him; the filmmakers said he was stunned back when they were intending him to reappear in Part 2; however, David Yates has announced that he will not appear in Part 2. It should also be noted that when Harry stuns Umbridge and Mafalda Hopkirk they are both knocked out instantaneously, while Wormtail stayed alive/awake for a few seconds, and apparently suffered a great deal of pain. It is presumed that either Wormtail was killed from Dobby's attack, that Voldemort killed him when he arrived at Malfoy Manor, or that he was one of the many Death Eaters killed by Voldemort after Harry took Hufflepuff's Cup. Had he did died in Malfoy Manor due to his silver hand just like in the book, it would've been due to recalled upon life debt not long after regained consciousness upon awakened after Harry and his friends' departure.


  • He shares a similarity to Renfield. They are both extremely close to their masters and will serve them no matter the cost.
  • He is also similar to Dr. No and Captain Hook. They all lose a body part which are replaced by false parts but their limbs are of different dexterity and strength. Wormtail's silver hand has brilliant strength and possibly dexterity whilst No's hands are extremely strong but lack dexterity.
  • His actor Timothy Spall also plays Nathaniel, Queen Narissa's henchman in Enchanted.
  • He is also similar to Grima Wormtongue. Both have similar names, both are the pathetic henchman of the villain, and also both are presumably killed by a different character in the film than in the book.


Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire - Lord Voldemort is back part 102:00

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire - Lord Voldemort is back part 1

Lord Voldemort ressurected summons the Death Eaters after 13 years

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire - Lord Voldemort returns part 1 (HD)04:21

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire - Lord Voldemort returns part 1 (HD)

Wormtail ressurects Lord Voldemort

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